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Incentive :
Code No. I1

Incentive Travel has become an increasingly popular and successful reward for company's wishing to give their employees who excel in the workplace a little something extra.

With specially formulated activities and services that tend to corporate groups in search of leisure, Egypt Travel Online defines the passion for pleasure. Whether breakfast sailing the Nile on a felucca or dinner at the heart of the Karnak Temple with its illustrious history and heritage, or teeing off for a round of golf with the captivating view of the Great Pyramids of Giza as a mesmerizing backdrop, will definitely reinforce the divine notion of a greater appreciation.

At Egypt Travel Online we go a few extra steps to ensure total satisfaction. With our special benefits featuring never-seen-before type of a grandeur hospitality and comfort that redefines known guidelines for relaxation and ease for any guest. No more worries about the long lines at Immigration or Customs, Egypt Travel Online will even pick up your luggage!
In the past, it has been very successful when managers stage conferences and incorporate an Incentive Package within it, after all, it would be a shame to come to Egypt and not get to sense its rich history and modern appeal.

Conference Organization

Egypt Travel Online is the premier destination service provider for incentive travel, conferences and special corporate events. Formulated from the "a la carte concept," guests can tailor the programs to suit their personal needs and/or requirements. From "meet and assist" to full planning and organization, Egypt Travel Online is your first class ticket to a successful event, conference or incentive tour package!

Prior to the conference Egypt Travel Online can offer these following services:
Offline as in an online presentation.
Pre-conference registration.
Hotel accommodation and rooming list.
Name tags, registration cards, etc.
Chartered flights or ships.
Pre-arranged limousines, boats, coaches, etc.
Pre-event tours.

During the conference we can offer these following services:
Registration to hospitality desk services.
Conference secretary and management office.
Conference equipment.
Local mobile phones and other communication services.
In-house airline reservation, reconfirmation and ticketing.
Spousal programs and sightseeing.
Team building activities and entertainment.
Feedback questionnaires.




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