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The History of Egypt:

Gertrude Bell, one of the most famous travelers to the Middle East, said, "Few such moments of exhilaration can come as that which stands at the threshold of wild travel." Egypt is, without a doubt, adventure country par excellence. Wide expanses of desert dotted with lush green oases, colorful underwater seascapes, and Labyrinthian tombs inspire exploration in the grand tradition of Lawrence of Arabia and Indiana Jones. Egypt brings many images to mind: colossal pyramids and gilded tombs, opulent pharaohs and omnipotent gods, the mighty Nile River and its dams. It is a country with an astoundingly rich past, so much so that most visitors probably know more about what Egypt was like 3000 years ago than about the modern-day state. But it is the Egypt hidden behind these national treasures and universal wonders that travelers come to know and love: the urban sprawl of Cairo and Alexandria, the unspoiled culture of the Bedouin, the unparalleled relaxation of a felucca ride down the Nile, and, above all, the astounding hospitality of Egyptians everywhere-from the oasis villages to the heart of Cairo. Egypt is a budget traveler's paradise. The sights are stunning, the culture fascinating, and bargains a way of life. However, travel here requires plenty of time, stamina, and patience. Most find that with a relaxed attitude, the hassles of traveling are surpassed by the intensity and beauty of the Egyptian experience

Egypt, known as the "Mother of the World " Egypt has a reason for such a name for it engages, stimulates, soothes, fascinates and love simultaneously.

For centuries, Egypt has the imagination and travelers from around the world. Egypt holding one of Seven Wonders of the World - the three Great Pyramids and Sphinx at GIZA.

Egypt the eternal "Gift of the Nile" as described by the Historian Herodotus. A statement as true as today as it has been through the fifty centuries of Egypt's extraordinary history. One of the largest countries in the world ,Egypt is a country of myths and mysteries, the cradle of ancient civilization with some of the most awesome monuments to be seen in the world.





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