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Diving - Sharm El Shiekh - Dive Sites

Local Dive Sites.
Ras Mohamed (National Park).
Straits of Tiran.

Local Dive Sites

As we head south from the straits, we reach the beginning of the local dive sites, so called due to their closeness to the resort of Na'ama Bay in Sharm El Sheikh, the main resort of the South Sinai. Thanks to short sailing times we can offer local dives as a half-day excursion as well. Ras Nasrani is a wall dive and coral life is in abundance, particularly on the corner where currents are stronger.

Ras Bob and White Knights have shallow sandy areas and gentle sloping walls. Beautiful coral heads and a breathtaking canyon are the main features of these 2 dives. Proceeding towards Na'ama Bay we find Shark Bay, and The Gardens, the first sites that were dived from Na'ama Bay. The Gardens are a great training area. The Middle Garden, thanks to shelter from currents, has the largest sandy shallow plateau and the Near and Far Gardens taper off to slowly deepening walls. Wonderful gorgonians and pinnacles awash with sweeper and glassfish adorn these two sites.

Leaving The Gardens, passing Na'ama Bay and heading further south, we come to a number of sites, the most popular being Tower, Ras Um Sid, Temple and Ras Katy. Tower has a spectacular canyon descending to over 120 meters. The wall dive of Ras Umm Sid is always abundant with reef fish life. Temple, situated on a sloping sandy bay, is so named after the pillars resembling a temple. Around the corner, Ras Katy has a sandy plateau with a gentle drop off ideal for training. This is the last local site.Read More

Ras Mohamed ( National Park )

Now we head to the southernmost point of the Sinai to one of the most famous diving areas in the world, Ras Mohammed, well known for its sheer walls and huge schools of fish. The first sites are Ras Ghozlany and Ras Za'atr, situated on either side of the bay of Marsa Bareika. Both are gentle sloping walls, and make very relaxing drift dives.

Jackfish Alley has a sandy "road" where sharks are often seen resting, and exciting swim through as well. Shark Observatory is an excellent wall dive and Anemone City, as its name implies, is covered with heaps of different colored anemones.

We come now to the most popular dive sites, Shark and Yolanda Reefs. They are two spectacular adjoining coral pinnacles, with the most amazing deep drop offs full of circling schools of varied fish life. Shark Reef is quite literally a breathtaking dive and should rank highly on anyone's list of "must-see" dive sites. Yolanda has the remains of a shipwreck, from which it takes its name, spread across its sandy plateau. Read More

Straits of Tiran

Starting from the North on the Eastern side of the Sinai Peninsula lie the Straits of Tiran, one of the most famous diving areas in the Red Sea. Situated in the middle of the straits are four coral reefs, Gordon, Thomas, Woodhouse and Jackson named after 19th century British cartographers. Enjoy exciting drift dives, drop offs, amazing coral and friendly sharks for the lucky at these dive sites.

The beautiful lagoon next to Tiran island is a popular destination for lunch and snorkeling. Read More





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