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Sightseein - The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities

The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities
Tahrir Square
Downtown Cairo - next to the Nile Hilton
Open daily 9 am to 4 pm
Entrance Fee: EGP 20

Often referred to as one of the most important museums in the world, the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities houses more than 100,000 relics of ancient Egypt. The museum in its current location was completed in 1902 and has 107 halls on two levels. The exhibits are arranged chronologically from the Old Kingdom to the Roman Empire. An extensive picture gallery and a library are attached to the museum.



The museum is divided into eight sections, the showpiece being the Tutankhamun section with over 1,700 treasures from the boy-king's tomb. On display in this section are the famous burial mask and the young king"s jewels, thrones and statues. Another of the most interesting rooms in the museum is that dedicated to Akhenatun, Egypt's first caller to monotheism. Three other sections showcase relics of the pre-dynasty period and the Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom and the Modern Kingdom. The late period and the Greek and Roman periods are housed in a section on their own. Two special display sections, one of coins and papyrus, the other of sarcophagi show fascinating aspects of the everyday lives of ancient Egyptians. The 'Mummy Room', which displays eleven royal mummies in oxygen-free cases, is another highlight of the museum. On display here are the mummies of some of the most influential ancient royals including those of Tuthmosis IV and Ramses II.

This museum is perhaps one of few that have too much to absorb in one visit. If you have the time, plan two visits on different days. If not, then pre-select the sections you are most interested in and head directly there. To make the best out of your tour, make sure you pick up a museum guidebook at the entrance or better, join a guided tour with the museums' Egyptologists. Note that visitors with a serious interest in Egyptology might need to dedicate more time to the museum.





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