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Sightseein - The Coptic Quarter

The Coptic Quarter
Old Cairo (Misr El-Qadima)
Mari Girguis Metro Station

If you have already been around other parts of Cairo, you will find that the Coptic Quarter has a very different feel. Built on and around the site where Roman Emperor Trojan built the fortress of Babylon in AD 98, this part of the city predates the founding of Cairo by the Fatimids, after the Arab conquest of Egypt.

The Coptic Quarter was so called because of the settlement of Coptic Christians in the area after the fortress was built. Today the quarter retains its name because almost all of Cairo's Coptic monuments are found in this quarter including the famous Hanging Church and St. George's Church. Also in the quarter is the Coptic Museum, which displays numerous Coptic relics from different chapters of Egypt's history.

The Coptic Quarter is characterized by it narrow allies and semi-underground pedestrian paths. Although quite a tourist attraction, this part of Cairo always seems less noisy and more relaxed.

Your visit to the Coptic Quarter is not complete unless you enter some of the monuments and churches. Plan one day for your tour of the Coptic Quarter. If you decide to visit the churches, please make sure you are appropriately dressed. As in all other places of worship, modest dress is required.





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