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Sightseein - The Coptic Museum

The Coptic Museum
The Coptic Quarter
Old Cairo (Misr El-Qadima)
Mari Girguis Metro Station
Open daily 9 am - 4 pm

The Coptic Museum was established in 1908 and houses the world's largest collection of Coptic artifacts, including icons, textiles and manuscripts dating as far back as 300 AD. The famous icon of the Virgin and Child which belonged to the Hanging Church and the exquisite wood panels of the Church of St. Barbara are also on display in the museum. A library containing over 7,000 ancient books and manuscripts is in a special section.



The museum is surrounded by beautiful gardens, which make for an excellent break. The main building is in itself a piece of artwork with its mosaic decorations.

Plan one day for your tour of the Coptic Quarter, including the Coptic Museum. Since your tour of the Coptic Quarter is not complete unless you visit some of the churches, please make sure you are appropriately dressed. As in all other places of worship, modest dress is required.





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